Hearst's mansion is the residence of William Randolph Hearst in southern California. It is surrounded by film sets, and looks like a mixture of various architectural styles.

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The Leviathan lands here when it first reaches the United States. Deryn is sent to instruct Hearst's ground crew, but learns from Mr. Francis that they have experience with Hearst's own Clanker airship. Hearst's cameramen film the Leviathan and Alek arriving here.

Alek is invited to a dinner party here with Hearst, along with Nikola Tesla, Captain Hobbes, Dr. Barlow, and Count Volger. They watch Hearst's The Perils of Pauline, and Philip Francis tries to introduce Alek to Pearl White.

Hearst has the Leviathan refueled, but the fuel is revealed to be intentionally bad when the Leviathan is travelling over Mexico.

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