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Zaven rescuing Alek in Şahmaran.

Having the power of a goddess is quite a responsiblity. Don't you agree, boy?

Lilit, Behemoth

Şahmaran is an Ottoman walker usually piloted by Zaven. She represents a Kurdish goddess and was sometimes used in parades before being used as a battle walker by the Committee for Union and Progress.

In the series[]

Zaven rescues Alek from falling off of a roof by catching him in the walker's hand when Alek is pursued by German agents in Istanbul .

Lilit teaches Alek how to pilot Ottoman walkers with this machine. Alek is at first confident that he can pilot a walker better than any girl, but notices that he has never piloted a walker with arms. Alek eventually learns to pilot the Şahmaran, but first crushes a cart when he is too forceful with the walker's hands when he trys to pick the cart up.

Zaven takes Şahmaran to destroy a Tesla cannon that could destroy the Leviathan. The walker is destroyed when Zaven pulls the Tesla cannon on top of the it, crushing Şahmaran and himself and resulting in his own death.