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I have decided to put my writing first. One can always get a husband, after all.

–Adela Rogers, Goliath

Adela Rogers is an American journalist who works for William Randolph Hearst. She comes on board the Leviathan with fellow Hearst employee Mr. Francis, although she is not aware of his plot to sabotage the Leviathan to force it to land in Mexico. On the ship, Rogers has a somewhat tense relationship with rival journalist Eddie Malone.

In the series[]

Adela Rogers is introduced when the Leviathan stops at Hearst's estate. Alek sees Dr. Barlow talking to her at the dinner with Hearst, but does not meet her himself until Miss Rogers comes aboard the ship the next day. On board, Miss Rogers is surprised to meet Eddie Malone, but listens to his accusasions of Mr. Francis at dinner. She continues to defend the "Chief," as she calls Hearst, from accusations, however.

Miss Rogers quickly discovers that Deryn has more influence than she would be expected to, and calls her "the bell captain." She tells Deryn about her past, where she grew up in her father's hotel, and how she learned that the bell captain of a hotel is the person who really runs it. Deryn is confused by her statements especially when she says that Deryn is not a "bell boy," but she does not seem to have discovered Deryn's secret.

Adela Rogers also comes to the demonstration of Goliath, where she tries to interview Alek before Tesla fires the machine.

In the "Bonus Goliath Chapter", Adela Rogers dresses as a gryphon at the Zoological Society party. Alek mistakes her for Deryn, and Adela replies that she is not a bellman. She tells him that she has come to London to interview Alek.


Adela Rogers is outspoken and uses her feminine flair and charm to get information for her articles. Alek even wonders if Deryn might be able to use such abilities at some point in the future. Miss Rogers is daring enough to wander out onto the topside of the Leviathan for an interview with Deryn, and does not leave even when the situation appears dangerous. She also mentions that she can speak some Spanish.

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