Admiral Wilhelm Souchon is the captain of two German ironclads, the Goeben and the Breslau, and later the Commander-in-Chief of the Ottoman navy.

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Admiral Souchon is the captain of the Goeben and the Breslau when the Leviathan meets them in the Mediterranean. He sends out a gyrothopter to lure the Leviathan close enough to use the Tesla cannon on the deck of the Goeben.

When Dr. Barlow and Deryn are introduced to the sultan, he introduces Souchon to them as the new commander of the Ottoman navy. He also mentions Germany's generous gift of the two ironclads. Souchon reacts coldly to Deryn's introduction of herself as a member of the Air Service, but is more polite to Dr. Barlow, a civilian. When Dr. Barlow hears about the ironclads being given to the Ottomans, she falsely offers the Leviathan as a gift from the British.

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