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Austria-Hungary is a dual monarchy composed of traditional Hapsburg holdings of modern-day Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic (then known as Bohemia), Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Slovenia, the southern part of Poland, and parts of other European countries. While Hungarians have shared equal power with the Austrians in government since 1867, other ethnic groups recieve little autonomy, and there is much unrest in the empire. They are a Clanker empire ruled by Emperor Franz Joseph.

In the series[]

In Leviathan, Alek must go on the run after his father, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, is assasinated by German agents. The Germans place the blame of the assassination on Serbian terrorists, who feared domination by Austria-Hungary (and who assassinated the archduke in the real world). In Goliath, the Austro-Hungarian Empire is suffering from attacks by Russian fighting bears, which many believe may cause the empire to collapse before the war is over.

Alek and his men must travel through Austria and Bohemia to reach the border of Switzerland. Along the way, they are attacked by the Beowulf, and Klopp, Volger, and Alek go into the the Austrian town of Lienz to try to buy supplies. Unfortunately, Alek is recognized by a mechanics shopkeeper and they must flee.

The Austro-Hungarians, as in actual history, seem to be past their prime, as they seem to rely on the Germans' giant walkers more than their own. The only Austro-Hungarian Clanker walker mentioned is the Cyklop Stormwalker, though it is assumed that they have more models.

Austria-Hungary's capital is Vienna, and other places in Austria Hungary mentioned in the text are Prague (where the series begins), and Lienz.

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