Captain Viktor Yegorov is a Russian airship captain who is stranded with Nikola Tesla in Tunguska. His ship, the Empress Maria, is fed to fighting bears by Tesla, who wants more time to study the Tunguska area.

In the seriesEdit

Deryn wants to tell the Russian men from the crashed airship about the weight limits on the Leviathan before they board the ship with Tesla. Deryn and Alek meet Yegorov when they are looking for a Russian who speaks French. Yegorov tells Alek that Tesla is crazy, and recognizes Alek's uniform as Austrian. He tells Alek that he has read about him the the newpapers. Alek and Deryn take Yegorov to meet Captain Hobbes and Dr. Barlow along with the Leviathan's officers in the bridge. Yegorov tells them about Tesla's activities in Tunguska, and agrees to come aboard the Leviathan to go to Vladivostok.

Physical descriptionEdit

Yegorov is a small man who wears pince-nez glasses. He wears his blue Russian uniform and furs.