You m-mean, your grandfather... the barking beekeeper?

Deryn, Leviathan

Charles Darwin was the British scientist who was the original creator of Darwinist technology, inventor of the science of fabrication and discoverer of the theory of evolution, the last of which he did in real life as well. He is probably the man who did the most to make the Leviathan Universe different from the real world. One of his first creations was the system of extracting energy from bees used on the Leviathan. His image appears on the Air Gallantry Cross. His granddaughter is Dr. Nora Barlow.

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Before Deryn finds out that Darwin was Dr. Barlow's grandfather, Deryn and Dr. Barlow discuss her grandfather's theory about how cats affect the amount of red clover near towns. The cats in the towns attack the mice that attack bees nests. Because there are fewer mice near towns, there are more bees to pollinate the clover, which causes more red clover to grow near towns.

At the Zoological Society New Years party, there is an ice sculpture of Charles Darwin taming a tigeresque.

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