The Committee for Union and Progress is an Ottoman revolutionary group whose goal is to overthrow the sultan. Its members include Zaven, Nene, and Lilit. After the revolution, they seem to be in charge of the Ottoman Republic.

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Alek finds out about the Committee when Zaven rescues him from German agents in Istanbul. Zaven gives him directions to the meeting place of the Committee, and Alek meets Lilit on the way there. Lilit and Nene do not initially trust Alek, but his knowledge of the battle between the Leviathan and the Goeben, and Bovril's ability to talk, convince them somwhat. Alek offers to help them overthrow the sultan in order to harm the Clankers in the Great War, specifically the Germans. The Commitee keeps a variety of walkers from the many different cultures that make up the population of Istanbul.

Deryn first hears about the Committee from Alek, when she sees him with Lilit in the Hagia Sophia hotel. She also wants to help the Commitee, to help the Darwinists and Alek.

When Alek, Deryn, and Lilit find out about the Tesla cannon being built in Istanbul, they plan to take a small group of Commitee members that they can trust to destroy it. After Zaven dies in the battle, Lilit tells Deryn and Alek that she must return to her Committee allies to help in the revolution which is now occuring.

In Goliath, the Committee has sent Lilit and the Kizlar Agha to be the ambassadors of the Ottoman Republic to the United States. Lilit says that they sent her away because they did not want to accept her ideas about women's rights.

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