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Map of the European powers in the Great War. The Darwinist countries are shown as animals/fabrications

The Darwinists are the countries (and their citizens) who use bio-engineered ("fabricated") creatures instead of machines. Their real-world counterparts are the Triple Entente powers.

The Darwinists do not seem to be on friendly terms with any of the Clanker Powers, even when they are not at war, as the Clanker Powers consider their creatures a violation against God, while the Darwinist Powers dislike the air pollution and general problems with Clanker technology, feeling that they make them feel distanced from nature. Citizens of Darwinists countries that are against fabricated creatures are called Monkey Luddites.

The Darwinists get their name from Charles Darwin.

The style of Darwinist furniture is based on Art Nouveau.

Darwinist countries[]

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