The Dauntless on the streets of Istanbul

The Dauntless is an elephant walker used by the British in Istanbul, which is similar to walkers used by the Ottomans. It is controlled by five pilots, one on each leg and one on the trunk. The passengers ride in a howdah on the back of the elephant. This walker carries Deryn, Dr. Barlow, Newkirk, Ambassador Mallet and Eddie Malone, and the Germans attempt to hijack it.

In the seriesEdit

The moment that Deryn, Dr. Barlow, and Newkirk leave the Leviathan when they reach Istanbul, they board the Dauntless. At first, Newkirk thinks that the walker is an elephantine. Dr. Barlow tells Deryn and Newkirk that the walker is made in the shape of an elephant to signify royalty and power, and is copied from the sultan's own elephant walkers. They meet Eddie Malone, who tries to interview Deryn and Newkirk.

German sabateurs pull the British pilots off of the legs, and attempt to install their own pilots, dressed in British uniforms, on the walker. Deryn first thinks of using ropes to stop the hijacking, but the trunk pilot tells her that the walker does not have any rope. Deryn uses the walker's trunk to try to reach the hijackers. Dr. Barlow tells the pilot to put Deryn where she can reach some spices that the walker is carrying. Deryn uses the spices to impare the Germans, and the hijacking is foiled.

The Ottoman papers write that the walker's rampage was caused by bad piloting; only Eddie Malone writes about the German hijacking.