Alek and Deryn's djinn walker in Istanbul

Djinn are a kind of Ottoman walker. They are used by the Arabs in the city of Istanbul and are modelled after the Islamic mythological creature djinn. The djinn is equipped with a steam cannon, which is allowed for the Arabs by the Ottomans because they are both Muslims.

In the seriesEdit

Alek pilots a djinn on the night of the Ottoman revolution, with Deryn as his navigator and gunner. This walker has been modified to throw spice bombs in addition to its steam cannon.

Alek and Deryn use the walker's spice bombs against the sultan's elephant walkers. They get caught in barbed wire and use the steam cannon to hide the walker while Alek breaks the machine loose from the barbed wire. The djinn walker is destroyed when an elephant walker's tusk impales it and burst open the boilers in its chest. Alek and Deryn abandon the djinn and instead use the Orient Express to try to tear down the Tesla cannon.