Dr. Barlow's Loris is a perspicacious loris. It is owned by Dr. Barlow and is one of two perspicacious lorises in existence. The other loris is Bovril.

In the seriesEdit

Dr. Barlow's loris first appears at the end of Behemoth, when Alek and Deryn return from Istanbul and bring Bovril with them. The two lorises exchange much of the information which they have heard since their births. The loris is very intelligent, and uses Dr. Barlow's necklace to demonstrate the magnetic properties of Tesla's device.

In Goliath, Bovril and the loris often chatter with each other under tables. When it meets Eddie Malone after Deryn lets him aboard the Leviathan, it steals his fake mustache and poses with it. Dr. Barlow's loris also has a comical relation with Deryn, as the loris will mock and trouble Deryn several times during the story.