Dr. Busk is the surgeon and head boffin on board the Leviathan. He is often on the bridge when important decisions are being made.

In the seriesEdit

In Goliath, Dr. Busk allows Nikola Tesla to use his laboratory as a stateroom. Alek lies to Pancho Villa and tells him that Dr. Busk is incompenent so that Dr. Azuela, who will be less likely to tell the Leviathan's crew about Deryn's secret if he discovers it, will be sent instead. Dr. Busk treats many of those injured on the Leviathan, including Mr. Rigby when he is shot and falls off of the side of the Leviathan, Alek after he is shot by Mr. Hirst, and Newkirk when he is burned on a Huxley when it catches fire during the battle with the Goeben.