Dr. Mariano Azuela is Pancho Villa's personal physician. He discovers Deryn's secret when he treats her after her injury in Mexico.

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When Deryn is injured after scouting out the camera-walkers for the Leviathan, Pancho Villa offers his personal physician to Alek to treat the injured midshipman. Alek accepts, saying that the Leviathan's surgeon is incompetent, and then tells Dr. Busk that Pancho Villa wanted an officer to deliver his response to the Leviathan. Dr. Azuela tries to take off Deryn's shirt when treating her injured arm, and thinks that she has a bomb strapped to her torso when she refuses to have her shirt removed. Alek then tells him that Deryn is a girl. He refuses to take gold from Alek for his silence, though he does tell Pancho Villa. Unfortunately for Deryn, Eddie Malone overhears Azuela and Pancho Villa talking about Deryn's secret with Deryn and Alek.

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