Elephantines in Regents Park

But don't they fall over and die in the heat?
That's a Clanker lie! They're fine, unless you take them south of Glasgow.

Alek and Deryn, Leviathan

Elephantines are a fabricated beast. They are fabricated from the life-threads of pachyderms such as elephants and mammoths. Mammothines are elephantine which are shaggy and probably fabricated from mammoths.

In the seriesEdit

Elephantines are mentioned several times in Leviathan. There are elephantines stomping the ground at the London Zoo when Deryn finds Dr. Barlow there. Deryn and Alek compare elephantines to walkers when they are about to move food from Alek's castle to the Leviathan. Deryn says that fabrications do not have to be greased in cold weather like the Cyklop Stormwalker, and that mammothines are ideal for cold weather.

In Behemoth, Newkirk thinks that the Dauntless is an elephantine at first. The sultan's elephant walkers also resemble elephantines.

In Goliath, when his Russian fighting bears run out of food, Tesla feed the elephantines and other creatures in the cargo train to them to prevent the bears from eating humans.