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The German Empire is one of the Clanker Powers in Europe. It is very aggresive and spoils for a war with the Darwinists to show its power. In Leviathan, Alek and Volger believe that instead of being Serbian terrorists, the people who assasinate Alek's father are actually German agents, and they killed the Archduke in the hope of starting a war.

The German's land frigates are extremely big, standing tens of feet tall, and having many legs. The Germans are allies of the Austro-Hungarians.

In Behemoth Alek and Deryn break the treaty between the Ottoman Empire and the Darwinists to destroy two German warships. These warships are equipped with kraken-fighting arms.

In Goliath, Germany leaves Austria-Hungary to fight the Japanese. The also send a water-walker to tear down Tesla's Goliath, which brings the United States into the war on the Darwinist side.

Germany is ruled by the kaiser, probably Wilhelm II as in real life.

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