Lilit wings

Lilit using gliding wings.

"Your wings, Mr.Sharp."

"Aye, sir. Like a good guardian angel."

–Mr. Rigby to Deryn Sharp., Goliath

  Gliding wings are a special contraption used by Darwinist crewmen on airships, similar to a body kite. They are simple lightweight wings of canvas and wood, normally attached to a cable.


Gliding wings consist of two wings made of canvas and wood, (Likely fabricated to be stronger.) and a stabilizing tail flap. In the center of the back is a small pole jutting up. Cables tied to this hold the wings upright. The wings are attached to the back by a harness.


Gliding wings can be used for safe descents from an or Huxley, or hanging from a ship. While in the air, the wings can be expanded by the wearer to catch the wind. Using this, an airman can safely go below a ship to attach a cable, pick up a small package, or drop off a message.

In the seriesEdit

In Leviathan, Deryn and Fitzroy use gliding wings to aid the ground crews, when the Leviathan lands in Regent's Park

In Behemoth, Lilit uses Clanker gliding wings to escape after the battle.

In Goliath, Deryn must use a set of gliding wings, and hold Newkirk below her as he attempts to attatch a cable to the czar 's package. After realizing that the package is too heavy, she removes the wings to help Newkirk.