The Goeben is an ironclad warship given to the Ottoman navy along with the Breslau by its captain, Admiral Wilhelm Souchon in the hopes that the Ottoman Empire would enter the war on the Clanker side. The ship was originally in the German navy. It is equipped with a Tesla cannon and gyrothopter catapults.

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The Leviathan spots the Goeben and the Breslau in the Mediterranean Sea, and tries to attack the Goeben. At first, the Goeben sends out a gyrothopter , but it is easily destroyed by fléchette bats. The crew starts covering the ship with rubber and prepares the Tesla cannon before hitting the Leviathan with it. The Leviathan turns around, and misses much of the force of the Tesla cannon, but must turn around again to reach Istanbul after the ship is far enough from the Goeben.

Deryn and Dr. Barlow find out during their visit to the sultan that the two German ironclads have been given to the Ottoman navy by Admiral Souchon. Dr. Barlow offers to give the Leviathan to the Ottoman Empire as a ploy to allow the Leviathan to stay and destroy the two German ironclads.

At the same time as the Ottoman revolution, the Goeben is attacked and destroyed by the behemoth that the British send against the Ottoman ironclads.

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