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The exterior of Goliath

For the novel, see Goliath (novel).
This is the power of Goliath, that no one on earth, Clanker or Darwinist, can escape. So we all must learn to share the globe, or perish together.

Nikola Tesla, Goliath

Goliath is a Clanker machine invented by Nikola Tesla. It is similar to the smaller Tesla cannon, but is intended to be on a scale large enough to destroy a city.

In the series[]

Tesla claims that Goliath caused the destruction near Tunguska, but the destruction was actually caused by a meteor. Tesla collected the meteor from the site, but still seems to believe that Goliath works.

Tesla first demonstrates Goliath at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. He wires the Admiralty and tells them that Goliath can change the color of the dawn sky in London. Lord Churchill wires back that he and the other Sea Lords could see "strange but subtle colors" in the London sky.

After Tesla proves that Goliath can do something, the Leviathan can take him to New York in order to threaten the Clanker powers with it. Alek helps Tesla promote the machine hoping that the Germans will surrender and there will be peace.

The interior of Goliath and its inventor, Nikola Tesla.

When Tesla plans a demonstration to change the color of the dawn sky in Berlin, the Germans send a water-walker to destroy the machine. When the walker gets too close, Tesla decides to fire on Berlin in earnest. Alek is upset by Tesla's intention to destroy Berlin without warning, and also by the Leviathan's proximity to Goliath, which could set the airship on fire like a Tesla cannon could. After asking Tesla to shut down Goliath, Alek kills Tesla in order to stop the machine from destroying Deryn and the Leviathan.

Dr. Barlow sends a sample of the meteor that Tesla found in Tunguska to Peter C. Mitchell, who tells her that the sample is a meteor. Dr. Barlow tells Deryn that Goliath would not have really been able to destroy a city, and Deryn eventually tells Alek that he did not actually save Berlin by shutting down Goliath. Alek actually shut down the machine to save Deryn, so this information does not upset him.

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