A gyrothopter is a flying device used by the Clankers for scouting. It shoots out a red fireworks to scare fléchette bats and possibly other Darwinist fabrications. Gyrothopters are fragile machines that are barely able to lift a pilot, which is why they are used for scouting, not attacks. They are launched from a catapult.

In the seriesEdit

In Behemoth, the Goeben launches a gyrothopter from a catapult on its deck. It flies towards the Leviathan's fléchette bats and launches red fireworks. While trying to veer away from the fleeing bats, it gets caught in the group. It begins to shudder and the blades of its roters tear. The gyrothopter falls from the sky, and the pilot is most likely killed. The Germans probably sent the gyrothopter towards the Leviathan to distract the airship's crew from their plan to fire the Goeben's Tesla cannon.

Later in Behemoth, a gyrothopter is used in the pursuit of the taxi that Alek, Klopp, Deryn, and Bauer hijack. Though Alek does not see the gyrothopter, he can hear the buzzing noise that it makes.