The crest of the House of Hapsburg, as seen on Alek's Stormwalker

Are your relations completely barking mad?
No, we're rulers of an empire.

Deryn and Alek, Leviathan

The Hapsburg are the ruling family of Austria-Hungary. They were previously the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire.

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Alek's father, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was a member of this house, as is Emperor Franz Joseph. Alek remembers seeing the Hapsburg crest throughout his childhood, on his clothes and furniture. The crest also appears on the Cyklop Stormwalker, which formerly belonged to the Hapsburg guard, that he and his men take with them to Switzerland.

Alek recalls in Leviathan that the Hapsburgs ruled the Holy Roman Empire from 1452 until 1806. Probably as in the real world, in 1805, the Holy Roman Empire was conquered by Napoleon Bonaparte, which dissolved the Holy Roman Empire, and the Hapsburg territories became the Austrian Empire. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was not created until 1867.

The two headed eagle symbol of the Hapsburgs is shared by many other royal houses of Europe, including the family of Czar Nicholas II. The Hapsburgs have changed the eagle to be mechanical to go along with their Clanker principles, unlike Darwinist Russia.

The motto of the Hapsburgs is Bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria, nube.

Princess Sophie was not closely related to the Hapsburg line, and was therefore not eligible to become the empress of Austria-Hungary. Because she and Franz Ferdinand were married in a morgantic marriage, their children would not be eligible to inherit their father's Hapsburg property and titles. The other Hapsburgs do not consider him a proper member of their family, and Alek considers himself "disowned" by them.

Family treeEdit

This family tree is a segment which contains the family members relevant to the Leviathan series.

Archduke Franz Karl*
Sophie, Princess of Bavaria*
Emperor Franz Joseph
Emperor Maximilian
Archduke Karl Ludwig*
Princess Maria Annunciata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies*
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Sophie Chotek
Prince Aleksandar of Hohenberg

*Is not mentioned in the Leviathan series, and is assumed to be the same as in real life.

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