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Hoffman is a master engineer in the Hapsburg Guard who helps Alek flee Austria-Hungary after the death of Alek's parents.

In the series[]

Hoffman is introduced in Leviathan when he and Bauer salute Alek when he first comes aboard the Stormwalker. During their journey, Hoffman teaches Alek rudimentary cooking skills. He helps put the Stormwalker's engines on the Leviathan, along with Mr. Hirst, Klopp, Bauer, and Alek. After Mr. Hirst shoots Alek, Hoffman's opinion of Hirst drops, but when Bauer, Klopp and Alek are in Istanbul, Hoffman is able to teach Hirst enough about the Clanker engines on the Leviathan that none of Alek's men are needed to run the airship. According to Bauer, Hoffman does not have a family, which is one of the reasons he was selected by Franz Ferdinand to go to Switzerland.

In Goliath, Hoffman helps Alek and Bauer put together Tesla's metal detecting machine. When Deryn is on the spine with Hoffman, she wonders if Alek told his men her secret, but realizes that Hoffman does not know that she is a girl when he curses in front of her. In America, Hoffman leaves Alek's service along with Klopp and Bauer to work for Ford Walkers.

Hoffman's first name is currently unknown.