An ironclad in Istanbul's harbor

Ironclads are a kind of steam-powered warship which is protected by iron plating on the hull. In the Leviathan universe, ironclads have kraken fighting arms to fight Darwinist krakens. The two ironclads mentioned by name in Behemoth are the Goeben and the Breslau. The Kaiserin Elizabeth also appears in Goliath.

In the seriesEdit

Ironclads first appear in Behemoth, when two German ironclads, the Goeben and the Breslau, are found by the Leviathan. When the Leviathan starts to attack, the Goeben sends out a gyrothopter. The Leviathan destroys the gyrothopter, but is lured closer to the ironclad so that it can use the Tesla cannon on its deck. The deck of the Goeben is covered in rubber to protect the men from the electricity the Tesla cannon produces. Klopp recognizes the Tesla cannon and tries to get Alek and Mr. Hirst to help him turn the Leviathan around. The airbeast notices that Klopp is trying to turn around, and turns around on her own. The Leviathan leaves the warships to continue to the Ottoman Empire.

Deryn learns that the Goeben is commanded by Admiral Wilhelm Souchon when she visits the sultan with Dr. Barlow. She also learns that the Germans have given the ships to the Ottomans.

After Alek, Deryn, Zaven, Lilit, Klopp and Bauer destroy the Tesla cannon that threatens the Leviathan, the British send in the behemoth to destroy the two warships in the harbor.

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