The Kaiserin Elizabeth is an Austrian Clanker ironclad warship. Most of its crew members were attacked and eaten by kappa. The ship has small deck guns. The ship is probably added to the Japanese navy, like most ships captured by kappa.

In the seriesEdit

In Goliath, the Kaiserin Elizabeth is in the Sea of Japan near Tsingtao. It was there with two German zeppelins, but after sighting the Leviathan, the zeppelins turned away. The ship was preparing its deck guns and the sailors were preparing their bayonnets and rifles. The sailors shot at the water, but the kappa attacked and ate the sailors. Any remaining sailors probably hid below decks behind metal bars, according to Deryn. The two German zeppelins returned after the kappa left the ship. The Japanese probably come back for the ship after the Leviathan chases off the zeppelins.

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