Leviathan Wiki

Welcome to the Leviathan Wiki! Here we are making an encyclopedia of all of the characters, countries and related topics to the Leviathan book series. There will also be real world articles about the books themselves, and their creators. Like any wiki, the Leviathan Wiki is an open-source encyclopedia, which means anyone can edit it! Don't be shy about adding to the wiki, and if you feel that something is incorrect or incomplete, you can add it yourself.

The Leviathan Wiki was originally founded by Dante-D in January 2010. In October of 2011, it was adopted by Waxesnostalgic.

All of the art on the wiki, with the exception of book cover images, is by Keith Thompson, the illustrator of the Leviathan books.

A few things to remember[]

  • In-universe

In-universe means that we assume that everything in the books is real, and describe them from an end-of-series point of view. Articles should be written from an in-universe point of view, except for articles in the real world category. Short deviations can be made, but it is important to make a note of them in the article by beginning this information with something like, "In the real world..."

  • Alternate Universe

As this is an alternate universe wiki, some information may be implied from real history. However, do not assume that events in the real world necessarily happened in the Leviathan universe, or that such information needs to be included on the wiki. An external link to a real-world counterpart's Wikipedia page should suffice.

  • Relevant information

Information included on the wiki should be relevant to the Leviathan series. Pages and information should make sense in the context of the Leviathan universe. The real-world information on the wiki should be relevant to the characters and plot of the series.

  • Wiki images

Try to keep images to official art from the books, and include photographs only for real world topics. It is not necessary to include photographs of the real-life counterparts of characters or places in the series.

  • Character portraits

The image on the character infobox should be the best image of the characters face that can be obtained.

  • Spoiler Warnings

Spoiler warnings are not necessary on pages. Because this is an encyclopedia, topics need to be covered in depth, regardless of whether or not this may spoil readers. See Wikipedia:Spoiler.

These guidelines will not be applicable to all cases, and if you would like to propose a change to them please start a discussion on the talk page.