The Istanbul library is a Clanker library in the city of Istanbul. Deryn visits the library to look up the name of Alek's mother. It contains a mechanical library catalog. The library has steam-powered revolving doors, brass columns, and calculation engines along the walls.

In the seriesEdit

Deryn overhears Eddie Malone's message for Count Volger, in which Alek tells him that he is staying in a hotel that shares his mother's name. When Deryn is in Istanbul, she goes to the library to find a Hapsburg family tree. She draws a picture of the Hapsburg crest and a family tree, and shows it to a library clerk, pretending to be an American speaking German. He hands her a punch card to use in the library catalog. After Deryn watches a woman enter her punch card, Deryn mimics her. The catalog sends her a clockwork walker with the books the clerk requested. Deryn locates the volume which is mostly pictures, and discovers that Alek's mothers name was Sophie Chotek, and that Alek is the "Prinz von Hohenberg."

The library catalogEdit

The library catalog is a computer which uses a Punched card system. Deryn describes it as looking like a miniature loom.