Alek and Deryn move Tesla's magnetometer through the Leviathan.

A magnetometer is a device that measures a magnetic field. The magnetometer which appears in the Goliath is built by Nikola Tesla to detect the meteor in Tunguska. It has three glass bulbs on the top and sometimes gives off a whining noise.

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Tesla's magnetometer is sent secretly to the Leviathan in a package of dried beef by Czar Nicholas II. The extra weight of the machine nearly causes the Deryn and Newkirk to fall when they are collecting the package.

When Dr. Barlow discovers the machine, she asks Alek, Klopp, Bauer, and Hoffman to assemble it. After they assemble it, Bovril show them that it can detect metal with a pendant that Dr. Barlow is wearing.

When Tesla comes on board the Leviathan, Dr. Barlow tells Alek and Deryn to find what Tesla was looking for in Tunguska using the machine. Bovril is able to mask the whining noise of the magnetometer with a whine of its own. They use the machine to find that the object is in Tesla's room (Dr. Busk's laboratory). Deryn sneaks in and find the meteor under Tesla's bed.

When the crew is investigating Eddie Malone's claim that Philip Francis plans to sabotage the Leviathan, Dr. Barlow reveals to Tesla that the machine is on board the airship. Telsa uses the magnetometer expertly to find the machine guns that Francis and Hearst had hidden in sugar barrels to trade to Pancho Villa.


  • The unit of measurement used for a magnetic field is the tesla.

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