Matthews being held by the scorpion walker.

Matthews is a man serving on the Leviathan. He is a part of Deryn's stealth mission to destroy the kraken nets at the Kilye Niman beach. During his Keelhaul Drop next to the Sphinx, he twists his ankle and is unable to walk. He found by an Ottoman patrol and captured, leaving his fate unknown.

In the seriesEdit


Matthews is assigned to a secret mission lead by Deryn. As the four members drop from the Leviathan, he unclips his second line too early, and smacks into the ground. He lays on the ground in pain, and Deryn examines him. His right ankle is twisted and he is unable to walk. Due to his injury, Deryn gives him water and foood and continues with the mission with the others. Matthews hides in some bushes. While at the beach, Deryn instructs Spencer and Robin to check on him if she is not done in three hours.

Matthews is later seen captured by Ottoman soldiers, lying beneath a tree, guarded by two soldiers. He is forced to walk to their ship, presumably to be questioned. It is unknown whether he is alive or not.