Mexico is a neutral country, like Switzerland. They use both Clanker and Darwinist technology. The Clanker technology is purchased from Germany and the United States. Mexico is undergoing a revolution; one of the revolutionary leaders is Pancho Villa.

Alek and Deryn pass through Mexico on the Leviathan. The airship is stopped because William Randolph Hearst purposely gave them the wrong fuel so that they would stop in Mexico and could be filmed with Pancho Villa's men. When the crew of the Leviathan see Pancho Villa's camera walkers, they think that the cameras might be guns and send Deryn to investigate on gliding wings. She is injured, and Alek keeps Dr. Busk away so that she can be treated by Dr. Mariano Azuela so that her secret is less likely to be discovered by the crew of the Leviathan. Pancho Villa and Alek talk about how Alek's granduncle, Maximilian, Franz Joseph's younger brother, was emperor of Mexico for three years, until the Mexicans executed him by firing squad. Unfortunately, Eddie Malone discovers Deryn's secret when they are talking.

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