For the ship, see Minotaur (ship).

The Minotaur piloted by Lilit

Minotaurs are a kind of Ottoman walker. Lilit pilots one during the Ottoman revolution. They are used by the Greeks in Istanbul and are based on the half-man half-bull creature from Greek mythology. The walker has large hands and horns.

In the seriesEdit

Lilit pilots a Minotaur modified to throw large bags of spices at elephant walkers when she, Alek, Deryn and Zaven destroy the Tesla cannon in Istanbul. The spice bombs are stored in a magazine attached to the walker's arm. Lilit's Minotaur is destroyed when she crashes it into the last elephant walker to give the others a chance to destroy the Tesla cannon. The spice from the Minotaur is thrown into the air by the swining mothion of the walkers arm powered by the steam from the walkers' boilers, this also depletes the steam pressure, therefore there is a wait before you can throw another "spice bomb". Lilit is not injured because the walker's head is not damaged. Lilit escapes and joins Alek and Deryn to see the destruction of the Goeben, and she later leaves on a body kite.