Monkey Luddites are citizens of Darwinist countries who are against fabrication or uncomfortable with fabrications. The term Monkey Luddite does not apply to Clankers, who are expected to dislike fabrications. Many Monkey Luddites consider fabrications to be blasphemous, and dislike them even though they benefit their countries. Deryn notes that Newkirk's mother is a Monkey Luddite, and some of the other middies joke about this. Deryn teases Newkirk about his skittishness around fabrications several times in Leviathan.

When Deryn is at the Air Proving Ground, the officers testing the potential midshipmen bring out tigeresques and a Huxley to find the Monkey Luddites among them.

When Deryn meets Lilit, she compares her to a Monkey Luddite, because she has named Bovril and believes that Darwinist beasties should have names.

In the "Bonus Goliath Chapter", a popular costume at the Zoological Society fancy dress party is famous Monkey Luddites.