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Don't mind being saved, do you Mr. Sharp?

–Newkirk, Goliath

Eugene Newkirk is a midshipman aboard the Leviathan and friend of Deryn. Although his mother is a Monkey Luddite, she wanted him to join the Air Service because she believed it would be safer in the air during wartime. He is sometimes frightened of fabricated beasts, even though he works with them daily.

Newkirk's first name, Eugene, comes from an online fan chat with Scott Westerfeld. When asked what Newkirk's first name was, he said that he had never thought of one and asked fans to come up with one. When someone suggested "Eugene William Newkirk," he approved it. [1]

In the series[]

In Leviathan, Deryn thinks of Newkirk as a boy who "still has plooks on his face and hardly knew how to tie his necktie." He is the only one of the other middies that Deryn gets along with. Newkirk and Deryn are the only two middies who stay after Dr. Barlow comes on board the Leviathan. They share the regular middy tasks and the tasks given by Dr. Barlow; however, Dr. Barlow usually requests that Deryn be the one to walk Tazza and watch the loris eggs.

In Behemoth, Deryn saves him from a burning Huxley, and he returns the favor by saving her in Goliath when the package that they are collecting from the bear is too heavy. Newkirk gets both of them to sit on one side of the package so that it will be tilted and shield them from trees. When Deryn was in the Ottoman Empire, Newkirk stayed on the Leviathan and surpassed Deryn's skill with many middy tasks. When Alek and Deryn stop talking to each other, Dr. Barlow sends Newkirk to investigate.


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