It's all the same nasty business, murdering one's masters. Have you forgotten those Serb boys throwing bombs at your parents?

–Otto Klopp, Behemoth

Otto Klopp is Alek's mechaniks and piloting tutor. Alek describes Klopp as the best master of mechaniks in Austria-Hungary. As Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s master of mechaniks, Klopp is fairly well known amongst Clanker engineering circles. He is a veteran of the Balkan Wars.

Early lifeEdit

Very little is known about Klopp's early life. Like Hoffman and Bauer, Klopp apparently has no family.

In the seriesEdit


Klopp flees in the Stormwalker with Alek, Count Volger, Hoffman and Bauer. Klopp usually drives the Stormwalker during the daytime because of his bad eyesight, and Alek drives at night. Klopp goes with Volger and Alek into Lienz, where they plan to get parts for the Stormwalker, with Klopp's mechanical expertise. Klopp, along with Alek, Hoffman and Bauer, works to attach the Stormwalkers engines to the Leviathan.


Klopp turns the Leviathan around when it is threatened by a Tesla cannon. which Klopp recognizes because he had seen models of it before. When Mr. Hirst tries to shoot him to prevent Klopp from disobeying orders, Alek prevents Klopp from being shot but is hit by the bullet instead. Klopp goes with Alek to Istanbul, where he eventually drives a hijacked taxi. Klopp is injured during the Ottoman Revolution when his walker crashes. After his injury, Klopp walks with a cane.


Klopp helps Alek, Bauer, and Hoffman put together the mysterious machine on the Leviathan. When Alek mentions water-walkers, Klopp gives Alek a description of them. When Tesla is about to fire Goliath, Klopp gives Alek smoke bombs to distract Tesla's workers. At the end of the series, Klopp, Bauer and Hoffman get jobs with Henry Ford in America, manufacturing passenger walkers on a five-dollar-a-day salary.

Physical descriptionEdit

Klopp appears to be stocky and wears a mustache. Most of the time he is wearing his work clothes. In the end of Behemoth and in Goliath he uses a cane.


Klopp is exceedingly loyal and good-natured. He is humble and treats Alek very kindly unless prompted to do otherwise for the prince’s protection. Self-made, Klopp is used to hard work and getting his hands dirty and is willing to do so. He is up in age, and his years of experience have made him an indispensable member of Alek’s crew. Klopp has rather old-fashioned views and dislikes the idea of revolution. However, he can forgive even revolutionaries when he has the opportunity to work with a walker.