The Ottoman Empire was a regime that lasted from 1299 to 1914. Its capital is Istanbul, and it was ruled by the sultan, Mehmed V. The Ottoman Empire became the Ottoman Republic in 1914, after the revolution. The Committee for Union and Progress is the revolutionary group that is in charge of the Republic.

In the Leviathan series, the Ottoman Empire is a Clanker state. Most of the walkers in the Ottoman Empire resemble animals.

In the seriesEdit

In Behemoth, the Leviathan lands in Istanbul so that Dr. Barlow can attempt to convince the sultan to stay out of the war by giving him a perspicacious loris egg. Alek and his men plan to escape here, but their plan is not entirely successful because they must leave Volger and Hoffman on the Leviathan. Alek decides that he, Klopp, and Bauer should help the revolutionaries so that the Germans will lose a potential Clanker ally, because the revolutionaries plan to stay out of the war.

After negotiations with the sultan are unsuccessful, Dr. Barlow sends Deryn to destroy the Ottoman kraken nets with vitriolic barnacles. After her men are captured, Deryn decides to join Alek and the revolutionaries. After the behemoth and the revolutionaries strike on the same night, the Kizlar Agha takes the sultan away on the airyacht Stamboul. The revolution is successful, and the Ottoman Republic remains neutral.

Ottoman RepublicEdit

The Ottoman Empire becomes the Ottoman Republic in 1914 after the revolution. It is led by the Committee for Union and Progress. Its ambassador to the United States is the Kizlar Agha.

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