Emperors are vain and useless things. We did not need one, so we shot him.

–Pancho Villa, Goliath

Pancho Villa is the revolutionary governor of Chihuahua and "the Robin Hood of Mexican peasants". He purchases Clanker weapons, such as a Mauser pistol and walkers, from the kaiser and also uses the Darwinist technology in Mexico. He and William Randolph Hearst have a movie deal in which Hearst's men can film Pancho's battles.

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Alek and Deryn meet Pancho Villa when Deryn is injured in Mexico. Pancho loans his personal physician, Dr. Azuela, to treat Deryn's injuries. Azuela tells Pancho about Deryn's secret, and both of them promise not to tell anyone and refuse Alek's offer to pay gold for their silence. Pancho Villa discusses Emperor Maximilian with Alek, and tells him that, though it was an insult to put an Austrian on the Mexican throne, that Maximilian was brave.

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