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Don't worry, Your Majesty. I'll make sure you look good. It's my job.

–Philip Francis, Goliath

Philip Francis is a man who works for William Randolph Hearst as a moving-picture reporter. Hearst trusts Francis with the filming of the Leviathan and Pancho Villa's rebels.

In the series[]

Philip Francis greets Deryn at Heast's estate in California when she is coming down to help the ground men land the Leviathan. Francis tells Deryn that the ground men are experienced with airship landings, and wants her opinion on camera angles. That evening, Alek meets Philip Francis at dinner with Hearst, where Francis takes Alek's interest in Pauline's exploits as an interest in the actress herself, Pearl White, and tries to get Alek to meet her.

When Francis comes onto the Leviathan with Adela Rogers, Eddie Malone reveals that Philip Francis was born Philip Diefendorf, and may have German sympathies. With the help of Tesla's metal-detecting machine, they are able to locate smuggled arms and camera film in sugar barrels that Hearst gave them. The purpose of these supplies is revealed when Pancho Villa requests sugar in exchange for repairs on the Leviathan. Philip Francis films the Leviathan's encounter with Mexican rebels.