I'm sorry. I was just curious.

Lilit, Behemoth

The relationship of Deryn and Lilit was something of a rivalry, but became a friendship, with some slight romantic undertones on Lilit's part.

In the seriesEdit

Deryn first sees Lilit at the Hotel Hagia Sophia when Lilit and Alek enter the lobby. Alek introduces Lilit to "Dylan." Deryn is at first jealous of Lilit, believing that Alek may be in a relationship with her, especially when Alek tells Deryn that he and Lilit "have no secrets from each other." Lilit, however, seems interested in finding out more about Deryn, asking her about her role in the sabatoge of the Ottoman straits.

Lilit introduces Deryn to Nene, and, while they are waiting to retrieve Alek's letter, asks for Deryn to help her with the Spider. Lilit suggests that Deryn's coldness towards her may be caused by sexism, but later realizes that Deryn is a girl who is in love with Alek. When Deryn asks Alek about Lilit, Alek tells her that it is obvious that Lilit likes "Dylan." After the battle with the Tesla cannon and Lilit's father's death, Lilt tells Deryn that she is "the most brilliant boy [she'd] ever met" and kisses her because she was "curious." Lilit also mentions that she knows Deryn's secret. After Lilit leaves, Deryn says that Lilit was "not a bad kisser."

Deryn and Lilit meet again in Goliath at a ball at the Serbian consulate. Lilit wants to tell Deryn about a potential threat to the Darwinists. They go to see newreels at a cinema about boxing and the Leviathan, and discuss Deryn's relationship with Alek. Lilit tells Deryn that she didn't love her and was just curious, although Scott Westerfeld confirmed her to be lesbian or bisexual so it's possible she was just attracted to Deryn. Their relationship at this point is platonic.