Russia is a Darwinist country, an ally of France and Great Britain. They are well-known for their fighting bears and the Trans-Siberian Trailway. The Leviathan travels over Russia on its way to Japan in Goliath, and picks up Nikola Tesla in Tunguska.

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Deryn and Newkirk pick up a package from a bear on the Trans-Siberian Trailway which contains extra weight, a machine that Tesla ordered, which nearly causes them to crash. Tesla is looking for the meteor which caused the destruction in Tunguska when the Leviathan finds him. He is working with Russian airship sailors, whose airship he fed to fighting bears to prevent the bears from eating people and disturbing his experiments. The Leviathan later leaves the Russian airmen at an airfield at Vladivostok and restocks the food which they dropped to make room for the men.

Russia is ruled by Czar Nicholas II, who was helping Tesla by giving him supplies and airships.

In the map in Leviathan, Russia is shown as a bear filled with maggots and flies, suggesting that the Russian revolution is going to start soon.

Russia sends its fighting bears against Germany and Austria-Hungary, and Austria-Hungary is considering surrendering because of them at the end of Goliath.

Russia does not go through the Russian Revolution in the Leviathan universe.[1]

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