Scarab taxis are a popular means of transportation in Istanbul. They are walkers that are shaped like scarab beetles, such as one in which Alek, Deryn, Klopp, Bovril, and Bauer take a ride. It has two ranks of passenger seats and gets larger in the rear.

In the seriesEdit

In Istanbul, Deryn and Klopp help to steal the taxi they are riding in so that they can avoid having their passports checked at a checkpoint. Deryn pushes the driver off of the taxi and Alek and Bauer push Klopp towards the front. Deryn helps Klopp stay on the taxi as he drives it down a staircase and through a fountain to avoid a military pursuit by a gyrothopter and several walkers. Bovril warns everyone about the walkers with a humming noise. Alek gives Klopp directions from the back of the walker, using a map that Zaven gave him to get to the meeting of the Committee for Union and Progress.