Strafing hawks destroy Clanker aeroplanes

Strafing hawks are a Darwinist fabrication used to destroy Clanker aeroplanes and airships. They are equipped with nets to use against aeroplanes and talons to use against airships. They are one of the kinds of creatures used on the Leviathan, and are kept in at least one of the nine large cages in the rookery, which is in the gondola.


Strafing hawks are used in battle to destroy enemy aeroplanes, infantry, and zeppelins. They can be equipped with fabricated, acidic spider-silk or razor talons depending on the situation; the spider-silk nets are used on aeroplanes, cutting through the metal; the steel talons are used on zeppelins and other balloon-like craft, ripping the canvas and venting hydrogen. Only one of these weapons may be used in practice.

In the seriesEdit

Deryn watches some strafing hawks destory aeroplanes during the battle over the Alps in Leviathan. In Goliath, Deryn and Newkirk are given the task of removing the nets so that the riggers can add talons to the birds feet when the Leviathan fights zeppelins near Japan. Deryn must leave in the middle of her task to check on an engine that has been hit, and Newkirk finishes taking off the nets. The taloned hawks are used against the German zeppelins, but do not destroy either of them.