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Peace has its burdens too.

–the Sultan, Behemoth

The Sultan, Mehmed V, Emperor of the Ottoman Empire, lived in Istanbul before the revolution. He owns an airyacht called the Stamboul.

In the series[]

In Leviathan, Alek wonders why the Leviathan is going to Constantinople, because the sultan is an old friend of the kaiser.

In Behemoth, the sultan meets Deryn and Dr. Barlow in his palace, where Dr. Barlow tries to give him a loris egg. He uses a giant automaton in his throne room, which is controlled by men, probably Germans, behind the scenes. The automaton is dress exactly like the Sultan and usuallly follows his movements; the Sultan makes gestures slowly so that the automaton can follow along. His automaton crushes the loris egg, which greatly upsets Dr. Barlow. It is unclear whether the sultan really wanted to crush the egg. The sultan introduces Dr. Barlow and Deryn to Admiral Souchon.

After the revolution, he is taken to Persia by the Kizlar Agha, where, according to Lilit, he plots to regain control of the Empire.

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