Switzerland is a neutral country in the Great War. It is unclear if their technology is Clanker or Darwinist. The Swiss are associated with clock-making. The Alps are the part of Switzerland which appears in Leviathan. Alek and Deryn first meet here.

Franz Ferdinand buys a castle in Switzerland for Alek to hide in during the war. He and Count Volger hope that the delapidated state of the castle will hide them from the Germans. Volger and Otto Klopp bring the Stormwalker here, but they must leave after a few days because the Germans find them due to the Leviathan's crashing near the castle. The Leviathan violates Switzerland's neutrality by landing here, and the Germans violate that neutrality by sending the Herkules after them. The ice and snow of the Alps make it difficult for the Leviathan to get enought food for hydrogen to leave Switzerland, and they must get some from Alek.

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