But soon everyone will know what happened here.

Nikola Tesla, Goliath

Tunguska is the area in Siberia which Czar Nicholas II gives Nikola Tesla permission to study. It is named after the Tunguska River, which runs through the previously unnamed area which a meteor landed in. Telsa believes that he can study the effects of Goliath here.

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The Leviathan lands here after seeing Captain Viktor Yegorov's dead airbeast and many starving fighting bears. Deryn notices many flattened trees, but a group of trees is still standing, which the Leviathan lands near after dropping the cargo of dried beef given to the airship by the czar.

Deryn meets Tesla when she lands her Huxley, and Tesla expresses his disappointment that Great Britain has gotten involved in his expedition. He tells her that he allowed the bears to eat the airship on which he arrived, so that he could study the effects of the impact.

Deryn eventually convinces Tesla to board the Leviathan, though she fears that his samples will weight the airship down too much. Tesla would rather leave some of his Russian assistants, but eventually all of the men and samples are loaded onto the Leviathan after the airship drops almost all of its food. Tesla waits until last to board, and fights off some of the bears with his electrical walking stick. The Leviathan leaves Tunguska to go to Vladivostok to resupply.

Dr. Barlow sends a sample of the rock which Tesla found here to Peter C. Mitchell, who tells her that the metal was a natural meteor and not caused Goliath.

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