Deryn holds the two headed eagle in the Leviathan's rookery.

Aye, this beastie's symbolic. It's just breathing as well.

Deryn, Goliath

The two headed eagle a symbol that is used by many royal houses of Europe, including the Hapsburgs and the Romanovs, the royal house of Russia. Czar Nicholas II has a two headed eagle fabricated to carry his messages.

In the seriesEdit

Alek, Deryn and Newkirk notice a two headed eagle coming towards the Leviathan to deliver a message. They speculate that it is from the czar. Alek and Deryn are called by Dr. Barlow to take the eagle to the Leviathan's rookery, and ask her about the message, but she will not tell them the contents of the message. On the way to the rookery, Alek discusses the unnaturalness of creating a living version of the czar's symbol. Deryn reminds him that the two headed eagle is the symbol of his family as well as the czar's. Alek mentions how the two headed eagle's heads represents earthly power and divine right. Count Volger asks Alek to find the contents of the message, but Alek tells him that neither he nor Deryn could find out the message.

The message is later revealed to be a message from the czar asking the Leviathan to collect a package from a fighting bear and pick up Tesla in Tunguska. This package secretly contains Tesla's magnetometer.

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The two headed eagle appears on Alek's Cyklop Stormwalker as a mechanical creature on the Hapsburg crest.

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