Hi, waxesnostalgic here! I've been working on the wiki for a while now, and I think it's far enough along that I can remove the "under construction" notice from the front page. Of course, there is still plenty of information to be added, but we now have something resembling a workable wiki.

I am currently attempting to contact Dante-D, founder of the wiki, to ask if she can make me an admin (she's been inactive for about a year, but I know her from other Leviathan fansites), but if she does not get back to me, I will be making a request to adopt the wiki. We really need an admin to create a wiki layout and do admin-ly things to make the wiki really great. I have made more than half of the edits on the wiki, designed the front page and have organized all of the pages into categories. If anyone has any comments or objections, you can post on my talk page or as a comment on this blog post.

Some things still need to be done, as many, many, pages are still stubs, and please remember that all pages need to be written in an in-universe viewpoint, except for those in the real world category. Thank you to everyone who has added information to the wiki, and I hope you will continue to add to the wiki!

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