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S.M.S Beowulf, a German walker

Walkers are a kind of Clanker machine used to travel and to fight on land (or sea). According to Dr. Barlow, they are based on Darwinist fabricated beasts, and were invented to compete or fight with the creatures. Walkers are used by some civilians to travel in most Clanker countries, and are also used by the military. Walkers are also used as camera platforms, such as those used by Pancho Villa and William Randolph Hearst.

Ottoman walkers[]

Ottoman walkers often look like animals or mythical creatures. There are different kinds of walkers to guard each of the areas of Istanbul, including iron golems, Minotaurs, werewolves, and djinn. The sultan uses elephant walkers as his war machines. The Ottomans also have a scorpion walker, which they use to apprehend Deryn's men during her secret mission.

Deryn and a camera-walker

Walkers in the novels[]

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