That's what we call a 'cliff-hanger,' for obvious reasons. We leave Pauline in big trouble at the end of every installment—tied to some train tracks, say, or in a runaway walker. Makes the audience come back for more, and it means we never have to end the darn thing!

–William Randolph Hearst, Goliath

William Randolph Hearst is an American businessman and media magnate. He owns papers all over the United States, and finances motion pictures.

Hearst seems to have Clanker leanings. Adela Rogers and Philip Francis both work for him and call him "the chief". According to Tesla, Hearst is "a bit odd."

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When the Leviathan lands in California, Hearst invites Alek, Captain Hobbes, Count Volger and Dr. Barlow to dinner, where he shows them one of his latest films, The Perils of Pauline, a serial that ends in a cliffhanger. Hearst takes several newsreels of Alek, and sends Mr. Francis to take more of Alek in Mexico, where Hearst has a movie deal with Pancho Villa. Much of Hearst's mansion is surrounded by movie sets, so it looks hollow from certain angles, but much larger than the actual mansion.

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