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Zeppelins are a kind of airship which has a rigid metal skeleton and fins on one end. They are a Clanker device which is inflated with hydrogen and equipped with engines, and were probably invented by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, as in real life. Deryn mentions to Alek that the metal skeleton of a zeppelin is covered in cow gut, and compares being inside a dead animal in a zeppelin to being inside a live animal on the Leviathan. Zeppelins are used for reconnaissance and to drop bombs.

Zeppelins can be countered by strafing hawks wearing talons that rip long tears in the side of the skin.

Zeppelins are used by the Germans when they chase down Alek in his Stormwalker. The zeppelins carry anti-walker troops to the ground in an attempt to destoy the Stormwalker. One of the zeppelins explodes when it is hit by multiple air-gun bullets.

In Goliath, the Germans also send zeppelins against the Japanese to defend an Austrian ironclad, but the zeppelins flee after a fight with the Leviathan.

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